Mario Sánchez Prieto, MD

Mario Sánchez Prieto, MD

Medical Oncology Specialist

Fotografía del Dr. Mario Sánchez, especialista en oncología médica de Altrus Cancerología, en su consultorio.

My name is Mario Alberto Sánchez Prieto, I am a medical oncology specialist and I am dedicated to cancer treatment in adults.

I completed my Bachelor of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL), class 2010.

I received training in the specialty of Medical Oncology at the High Specialty Medical Unit #25 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, with academic endorsement from the University of Guadalajara. I finished the specialization in 2017.

Certified by the Mexican Council of Oncology, 2022 – 2027.

I have experience in clinical trials for breast cancer, renal cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, prostate cancer, head and neck cancer, lung cancer, cancer of unknown primary, and melanoma.

I focus on the treatment of head, face and neck cancer, thyroid cancer, melanoma and sarcomas. In addition, I work as a professor of the specialization course in Medical Oncology at the High Specialty Medical Unit #25 in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

My goal is to provide personalized attention to seek and offer the best treatment available by working in a multidisciplinary team with experience and vocation.

Mario Sánchez, MD

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